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• We are your one stop resource for cutting edge innovative fabrics, made with the most sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. We work scrupulously with our Manufacturers to ensure best Quality Standard’s, Trending Product Development’s to maintain balance with upcoming Trends.


• Denim Fabrication: • We are working with different Mills & some new Innovations, like different trending fabric’s listed below,

• 4way Stretch 360 comfort.

• Organic Fabric

• Promodal.

• Dual Fx.

• Refibra. Reborn Tencel.

• Recycle Denim

• Hyper stretch.


• Denim Apparels:

• Mens/Womens/Kids

• Pants. Jackets

• Shorts. Skirts e.t.c


 We work closely with foreign trained, highly qualified professionals and staff associated with M/s Purveyor Plc,K for the last 32 years and are their official and exclusive licensees in Pakistan. We work together as a team to ensure on time delivery and order execution to the Highest possible standards.

• Specialization:

• Nappa Leather

• Pu laminated split leather

• Split Finish Cow and buffalo.

• Cow Split suede

• Full Grain Leather
• Products:

• Leather Garments Jackets/Pants e.t.c

• Shoes

• Handbags / Wallets

• Corset

• Upholstery

• Key chains

• Leather Labels & Patches

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